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Corvas K. Brinkerhoff II

I am an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. 

I believe in the power of human creativity. My work is about empowering not only my voice but the voice of other artists. Through collaboration, we can create work well beyond our personal capacity and that builds a deeper resonance with audiences.  

In my personal creative work, I like to explore the luminous mysteries of our human consciousness. And, I like telling stories about flawed people who are trying their best. I believe in the reality of transformation, that you can become something new and more true, more beautiful, and more powerful. I think art can play a catalyzing role in our personal journeys, both as consumers and as creators. 


I love designing experiences. My background in fine art, visual communication, interactive technology, theater, mand business development has culminated in one integrated creative practice: Experience Design. I have spent the last several years creating a variety of projects from: art installations, paintings, and plays to web sites, business models,  and inventions.

In addition to being a founder of Meow Wolf, I am the Senior Vice President of Experience Design and acting as the  Executive Creative Director of Meow Wolf Las Vegas.

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