© 2019 by Corvas Brinkerhoff

Corvas K. Brinkerhoff II

Is an Experience Designer based in Santa Fe

My name is Corvas Brinkerhoff. I am an artist and designer.

I believe in beauty. I believe every decision, every movement and interaction, every object, and everybody has the ability to transform our lives, and every moment, a chance to be immersed in the experience of beauty.

I believe in work. I believe that work is not only a way to pay bills and pass time. I believe that work is an opportunity to express ourselves, to serve our community, and make our world a better place.

I believe in creativity. I create things with light, pixels, sound, paint, wood, and words.  I have spent the last several years working a large variety of projects, art installations, paintings, plays, web sites, business models,  interactive multimedia software, books, inventions, poems, and music.

I believe in the imagination.  I believe that with the right balance of creative insight and strategic thinking, any problem can be solved.

I believe in progress. I am honored to work with the people that I do. I work on projects that inspire, connect, inform, and educate.

Recent Affiliations

Meow Wolf, core-member, owner, contributor

Socrates Sculpture Park, art handling

Center for Contemporary Arts, web design, lead preparator

Santa Fe Performing Arts, lighting and set design, technical director

Santa Fe Playhouse, lighting and multimedia design